22. 09. 2022.

The future of digital skills at European level

On 6 and 7 July, more than 40 representatives of the National Coalition for Digital Skills met for the first time in Brussels to discuss the future of the Digital Skills and Jobs Platform, the European Commission’s Digital Skills and Jobs Platform. The event was also attended by representatives of the Digital Republic, the strategic initiative of the Department for Digital Transformation of the Presidency of the Council of Ministers, which coordinates the Italian Coalition. Two days of exchange and a rediscovered conviviality, after months of work remotely due to the health emergency. In particular, on July 7th a workshop was held with the various National Coalitions, an opportunity for the exchange of ideas, best practices, experiences, obstacles and potential solutions, which opened with the intervention of Fabrizia Benini, Head of Unit “Digital Economy, Recovery Plan and Skills” and Deputy Director for Digital Transformation at DG CONNECT. Benini stressed the importance of continuing to work on the digital skills of European citizens, with a widespread approach on the territory, also recalling the actions that the European Commission is taking thanks to the investments of the Digital Europe Programme and the Recovery Plan in its national versions. After an introduction on the objectives achieved by the Digital Skills and Jobs Platform during its first year of life and its future prospects, representatives of the National Coalitions, divided into working tables, had the opportunity to discuss some of the most urgent and central challenges on the topic, in detail:

  • improving advanced digital skills;
  • girls and ICT;
  • job opportunities in technology for young people;
  • national strategic plans – evolution and monitoring;
  • partnership;
  • strengthening internal digital training.

The work of the Italian Coalition The Italian Coalition has moderated the thematic table evaluation and monitoring of the National Strategies for Digital Skills. The discussion highlighted the importance of strengthening the coordination of actors contributing to the implementation of the Strategy to ensure effective, lasting and measurable results, while monitoring the impacts of actions included in the national plans. A leading role is played, in the Italian context, precisely by the National Coalition, whose governance is based on a model supported centrally at the government level, precisely by the Department, with the involvement of stakeholders in a steering committee for each pillar of the strategy. This model is able to ensure greater coordination between the organisations in the Coalition, as well as allowing the creation of synergies that move towards increasing the digital skills of Italian citizens, in line with the objectives set out in the European Strategy for the Digital Decade. While there are still many challenges to be addressed, there is commitment and will on the part of individual countries and the Commission to work together and reach the target of 80 % of citizens with basic digital skills by 2030. Photo by My Digital Skills EU on Facebook

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