20. 12. 2022.

First Global Forum on Ethics of Artificial Intelligence

On December 13 2022, the first Global Forum on the Ethics of Artificial Intelligence was hosted by the Czech Republic. This international ministerial meeting took place after the adoption of the global recommendation on the ethics of AI one year ago. This event was an opportunity to spotlight the theme "ensuring inclusion in the AI world" and evaluate the state)of)play in the implementation of the recommendation.

December 13 2022 marked the first Global Forum on Ethics of Artificial Intelligence (AI) following on from the adoption of the global adoption of UNESCO’s Recommendation on Ethical AI. This event was organised in Prague and hosted by the Czech Presidency of the Council of the European Union and under the patronage of UNESCO. For this first edition, the Forum focused on the theme of “Ensuring inclusion in the AI world”.

The Forum took stock of the national efforts to promote the ethical development and use of AI and identified the best regulatory practices and institutional settings to ensure the ethical development of AI technologies. Experts who took part in this event, analysed how the UNESCO Recommendation can support the EU’s efforts to advance value-based technological development thus bringing the European perspective to a global level.

Alongside this, the Forum presented innovative tools aimed at supporting the implementation of the Recommendation. These included Readiness Assessment Methodology and Ethical Impact Assessment. These tools aim to help countries understand where they are located on the scale of preparedness to implement AI ethically and responsible for all their citizens as well as help actors involved in the procurement and development of AI systems to predict consequences, mitigate risks and address societal challenges in line with the values and principles set out in the Recommendation.

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