09. 11. 2023.

26th AMAVET Science and Technology Festival 2023

On 9 and 10 November 2023, the 26th AMAVET Science and Technology Festival is taking place at the premises of Incheba Expo Bratislava. Dozens of young people – primary and secondary school pupils – took part in the Slovak final, who are relentlessly engaged in developing a scientist project in their free time. All participants in the final round went from the county competition rounds to Bratislava. The best projects go to the world’s largest competitions and tours in different countries around the world.

Every year, the Association for Youth, Science and Technology carries out a full-Slovak Science and Technology Survey – AMAVET Science and Technology Festival (FVAT). This is a national competitive examination of the scientific and technological projects of primary and secondary school pupils who present their exploratory work with a panel (poster) presentation. Their projects are evaluated by a panel of university lecturers and scientists.

FVAT is the Slovak National Competition for Young Scientists – EUCYS. The EUCYS competition is launched by the Research and Innovation Directorate of the European Commission in October each year. The competition takes place at the level of the national rounds in 40 Member States, which will culminate in the next year in the European final. It is the Festival of Science and Technology in Slovakia that is the only gateway to take part in the world’s most prestigious scientific competitions for secondary school youth, namely ISEF (USA) and CASTIC (China).

The opportunity to participate in the AMAVET Science and Technology Festival is a strong motivation and an opportunity for young project developers to make their work known to the general professional public. It is the AMAVET festival that is intended to be an opportunity for young people to think creatively. But it is also a space where pupils can broaden their horizons, inspire or create new friendships. It is precisely the promotion of the development of education and the interest in science that will also help the development of society.

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