11. 12. 2023.

We welcome you to the new Digital Republic portal!

Digital skills are a strategic asset for the development of our country and the gap to be filled on this front is still wide despite the first improvements recorded thanks to the initiatives put in place. The National Action on Digital Skills develops in the context of the Digital Republic, the strategic initiative coordinated by the Department for Digital Transformation of the Presidency of the Council of Ministers, with the aim of reducing the digital divide and promoting education on the technologies of the future. In line with this mission, the portal has been developed in its renewed version and enriched with new services for citizens and organisations that are part of the National Coalition of the Digital Republic.  The main innovations concern:

  • a mapping in constant updating of the digital facilitation points present on the national territory; 
  • a calendar of all events and training opportunities online or in-person proposed by the organisations of the National Coalition;
  • a section dedicated to the resources available on digital skills, including the Italian translation of DigComp 2.2 and the guidance document “Challenges and opportunities of gaming for the dissemination of digital skills”;
  • a new section dedicated to the monitoring of the National Strategy for Digital Skills, which will allow to follow the progress of the implementation of the Operational Plan of the Strategy;
  • an area reserved for Coalition bodies to communicate up-to-date data on initiatives and promote events and training initiatives. 

  The map of digital facilitation points and events From the “Develop your skills” section you can view the updated map of facilitation points where you can receive free training both in person and online and thus improve your level of digital skills. Digital facilitation points are activities designed to support citizens in the use of the Internet and digital services. The training and assistance provided shall focus on activities enabling users to participate in public and social life: for example, how to create your own digital identity through SPID, Electronic Identity Card or CNS, how to make digital payments or how to use public services online. In addition to the facilitation points currently present in the territory at the initiative of the organisations of the Digital Republic Coalition, thanks to the Network of Digital Facilitation Points – one of the NRRP measures for the enhancement of digital skills – through regional programming, 3000 Easy Digital Points will be progressively activated by 2024. In the same section, thanks to the collaboration of the organisations of the National Coalition, citizens also have at their disposal a point of access to awareness-raising and training events through an easily accessible map.   The reserved area dedicated to the organisations of the National Coalition Thanks to the new reserved area, the organisations of the National Coalition can request additions and changes to their registry and the initiatives with which they are present in the Coalition. In addition, by filling out the appropriate form, they have the opportunity to report events and promote training initiatives, which will populate the map in the section Develop your skills.  The new Digital Republic portal represents an important part of a composite framework in which the tools put in place are multiple but the objective remains unique: that digital is a lever of inclusion and growth able to express its full potential as an enabling factor for the development of the country, leaving no one behind.  

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