03. 10. 2023.

The Government’s Digitalisation Strategy will soon arrive: Here are 10 issues it should address.

The government’s digitalisation strategy will be the first real societal strategy that stems from digitalisation – and can potentially form the basis for a new digitalisation movement. We need the strategy to address a number of key themes and issues, writes Dansk IT in a column in Computerworld.

After 20 years of several four-year “common public digitisation strategies”, the government is now on its way with digitalisation strategy for the whole of Denmark. In other words, a social strategy.

It is wise and much needed, and it is commendable – because digitalisation affects everything.

Digitalisation affects the way we work, educate, heal and prevent. Digitalisation can remove time and place, involve the citizen and make the citizen an active party. Digitalisation will change the law and the way we legislate. Digitalisation affects democracy and can increase transparency.

But digitalisation also has shadows: E.g. vulnerability, increased complexity, undermining trust, alienation, inequality, etc.

It is therefore high time for a societal strategy for how Denmark seizes the digital opportunities and makes them a lever for the whole of society and at the same time ensures that we maneuver wisely around the dangers and problems that make up the back of the medal.

On this basis, Ejvind Jørgensen, Chairman of the Committee for IT in the Public Sector in Dansk IT, has written a column for Computerworld about Dansk IT’s wish list for the government’s digitisation strategy.

Read the column in Computerworld


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