03. 10. 2023.

Robotic Process Automation: You have to do it to get started.

Say goodbye to boring, routine tasks that your digital colleague can do both faster and better than you. But where to start and what does it take to get started with Robotic Process Automation (RPA)?

Why use robotics (RPA)? Where can RPA be used?

— It is no longer a question of whether to use RPA, but how to use it. The products on the market have gradually become so mature compared to the start in 2015/2016 that it is just technical. The difficult thing is now ‘all that bypass’, such as process mapping, governance, security, level of control, etc.

RPA is typically used to reduce costs, avoid typing errors, increase speed and create consistency between applications. This means a new type of software that can increase digitalisation through automation. It can be used in all departments, from the classic staff functions (HR, IT and Finance) to the more customer-facing functions – all departments have a degree of manual processes that have the potential to be automated.

Can you give three tips to get started with RPA?

  1. Involve your employees from the start, so you create ideas together – they’re the ones who know what they spend their time on.
  2. The responsibility for the task, which you automate with a robot, does not move – focus on controls, what went well and what needs to be handled manually
  3. And then get started – prioritising, starting small and expanding after reflection – “nothing beats action” – it’s not enough to think about it, or to talk about it.

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