09. 12. 2022.

Professor Ebba Ossiannilsson receives a prize for open education work

The Swedish researcher and the expert in open education, Professor Dr. Ebba Ossiannilsson, were awarded the Open Leadership Award in October 2022. The prize is supported by the non-profit organisation Open Education Global, which refers to the solid experience and excellent leadership of the Professor in the field.

Every year, the OE Global Prize is awarded to outstanding contributions and exemplary leaders in open education around the world. A total of five winners will be selected in each category: LeaderSHIP award, Educator award, Support specialist Award, Emerging Leader Award and Student Award.

Opening up Education Facilitators

The Leadership award category designates a person who has demonstrated excellent leadership and work in the field of open education. The 2022 winner in the category is the Swedish Professor Dr. Ebba Ossiannilsson.

— When I first heard that I had won, I was happy. International recognition such as this means much, but it was also a humiliating experience. Professor Enna Ossiannilsson said: “The other nominees are all excellent candidates and I really believe that we are all the winners,” says Professor Enna Ossiannilsson in an article on the website of the member organisation “The international councils for open and distance education”.

One of the most prominent people in the area

With more than 20 years of experience in the field, she has developed and opened doors for the development of open education, not least through cooperation with international organisations and research projects that have led to the accessibility of digital education. She is also a researcher, fact-checker and consultant. Today, Professor Ebba Ossiannilsson is vice-president of the Swedish Association for Open, Flexible and Distance Education (SADE) and one of the most prominent people in the field of open education.

Opening up education good for the whole planet

In addition to the above experience, she sits on the board of the ICDE Open Educational Resources Advocasy Committee (OERAC). Working to make available and develop the opportunities of open education is an important contribution to future generations. This means Professor Ebba Ossiannilsson, who links education to the UN’s global goals. Education is important for individuals, human rights, social justice and the planet.

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