30. 10. 2023.

EIT Open Innovation Factory 2023

Apply before 13 November. for the EIT Digital's Open Innovation Factory 2023. The program is designed to foster early-stage deep-tech digital companies and aims to accelerate growth in the tech sector.

In a significant boost to the European tech landscape, EIT Digital, an organization co-financed by the European Union, has unveiled the Open Innovation Factory 2023. The program, designed to foster early-stage deep-tech digital companies, aims to accelerate growth in the tech sector. With a strategic focus on Digital Tech, Digital Industry, Digital Cities, Digital Wellbeing, and Digital Finance, as outlined in the EIT Digital Strategic Innovation Agenda 2022-2024, this initiative offers a unique opportunity for innovative minds. 

What’s in for you

The program seeks cutting-edge digital DeepTech projects and early-stage ventures with a proven track record of market success and investor interest, offering them an opportunity to further enhance their growth through the program. The chosen candidates will receive financial support  (up to EUR 400 000) from EIT Digital and gain access to a vast European network comprising more than 350 partners across various sectors, including industry, research, academia, investment, and the public sector

Read more about the Open Innovation Factory 2023 and apply before 13 November 2023.


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    Digitalne vještine

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    Stručnjak za digitalni sektor

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    Europska Unija

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