03. 10. 2023.

Danish IT ready with recommendations and initiatives to ensure an equal digital future

Digital inclusion in the public sector is not just about digitalisation – it is about equal access to welfare. Therefore, there is a need for a change of course in public digitalisation, a fight against digital exposure and enhanced digital inclusion. The association and interest organisation Dansk IT is now publishing a new publication with four recommendations to ensure an equal digital future. At the same time, Dansk IT points to a number of concrete initiatives that can help implement the recommendations.

Digital inclusion

The publication “Danish IT’s recommendations for an equal digital future” (download as PDF here) is produced by Dansk IT’s committee for IT in the public sector. Behind the publication is a working group, which for two years has dealt with the issue of digital inclusion or lack thereof, and as part of their work has held workshops with participants from different environments, thereby creating a dialogue that could help ensure insight and vision.

“Breaking with digital exposure requires a fundamental cultural change in the way digitalisation has so far been thought of. We must have shifted the focus from digitisation projects with efficiency improvement potential to welfare development with security-creating digital support. Security is central and an absolute necessity in order to realise potential efficiency improvements,” reads one of the main points in the publication.

The four general recommendations from Danish IT

Recommendation 1: From IT projects to digitally supported service travel
Recommendation 2: Citizens must be involved from idea to rollout
Recommendation 3: Equal access to public services – also as a non-digital citizen
Recommendation 4: Citizenship is a Social Responsibility

The nine concrete initiatives that can contribute to the implementation of the recommendations

Initiative 1: The manager must take responsibility for the full service journey and experience the citizen-facing services by trying them before they are released
Initiative 2: Take the citizen seriously: analyse transaction patterns and optimise user interaction
Initiative 3: Citizens and citizens’ representatives must be involved in all parts of the development of service
travel Initiative 4: Danish IT sets up and operates a Citizens’ Council
Initiative 5: All public organisations must ensure the possibility of physical co-
service Initiative 6: One Single Entry to Digital Powers
Initiative 7: Explore the possibility to help citizens with digital remote support
Initiative 8: Learning objectives for citizens’ competences entering Folkeskolen and at secondary education
Initiative 9: Note to go back and out on multiple channels

Download the recommendations

Download the entire publication: Danish IT’s recommendations for an equal digital future (PDF)

Conference at Christiansborg

In connection with the publication from Dansk IT, a major conference will be held at Christiansborg on Friday 9 June with the headline: Everyone is talking about digital inclusion – now we need to find solutions.

The conference is attended by a large number of prominent politicians, including Minister for Digitisation Marie Bjerre (V), and chairperson of the Danish Parliament’s Digitalisation Committee, Lisbeth Bech-Nielsen (SF), a number of interest organisations, Danish IT’s representatives and ordinary citizens.

See the program here

Further information

Kim Stensdal, Head of Communication and Knowledge in Danish IT, 22794373 and Hinnerk
Frech, Policy Consultant in Dansk IT, 33179793 and
Anna de Boer, chairperson for the working group in Dansk IT,
Ejvind Jørgensen, chairperson of the Committee for IT in the public sector in Dansk IT,

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