09. 09. 2022.

Finnish researchers develop a curriculum to make cybersecurity a civic skill in the EU

Finland launches a project to develop an education package to support cybersecurity education in EU Member States.

How to cybersecurity a civic skill for anyone? A comprehensive effort is being carried out by the Finnish Ministry of Transport and Communications and Aalto University to develop an education package to support cybersecurity education in EU Member States. A three-year project deal has been awarded by Finland under the EU’s Recovery and Resilience Facility.

As our societies become more digitalised, cybersecurity is increasingly playing a fundamental role, being present in more and more aspects of citizens’ life, which makes the awareness of cyber threats and the related civic skills needed knowledge always more required. For this reason, an ambitious 3-year project has been launched, funded by the EU’s Recovery and Resilience Facility.

“Understanding the basics of information security is increasingly important, and digital literacy in general is a civic skill in today’s digital societies”, says Jarno Limnéll, Professor of Practice in Cyber Security at Aalto University, and leader of the project.

A team of researchers of the Aalto University started its work by searching what practices and materials are currently used to teach cybersecurity skills to citizens in the EU Member States. The project team will draw on the broad experience of Aalto University to create innovative teaching strategies for cybersecurity, such as gamification, using the game’s visual and textual components to encourage motivation in learning.

“Teaching cybersecurity skills and providing related training and education is a worthwhile investment, and an opportunity to make use of novel learning methods” says Rauli Paananen, National Cybersecurity Director. And indeed every European citizen will be able to enjoy the benefits of this project, which aims to make cybersecurity an affordable subject for everyone.

What will be the final goal of the project?

The material produced in the project will be published on an open website accessible in all languages of the EU, that will teach cybersecurity skills to citizens. The education materials will be practical and simple to use, and will consider the particular needs of various age groups. Early user experiences will give important information for the actual deployment both of the game and the educational materials.


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