03. 10. 2023.

Challenges for young people with disabilities in digitalisation

Many young people with disabilities face challenges related to the rapid digitalisation. With targeted action and attention to these challenges, solutions can be found.

In the discussion of major perspectives, the UN Convention on Disability is often overlooked. Ratified by Denmark, the Convention aims to ensure that people with disabilities have access to digital technology and web-based solutions on an equal basis with everyone else. In Denmark, one of the most digitised countries, digital competences are essential for active participation in society.

However,according to a 2020 survey, people with disabilities face more challenges in digital communication with the public and official Denmark than their non-disabled fellow citizens. Young people with disabilities who cannot navigate digital self-service solutions face barriers that prevent them from living independent lives.

In a world where almost all public contact takes place through digital solutions, young people with disabilities risk becoming dependent on the help of others. It is essential to ensure that this group receives the necessary support to develop digital competences and avoid being excluded from society’s digital wave.

While technological progress may address some of the challenges in the long term, it is important to take immediate steps to ensure that all young people, regardless of disability, have access to digital skills. In the long term, it is crucial for society to include everyone in the development of digitalisation, otherwise it could mean a step backwards instead of progress, especially for those with disabilities.

Read the joint discussion paper from SUMH and ULF Youth at here.

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