03. 10. 2023.

Di Digital presents 14 Political Proposals to Promote Digital Competences

In a new report, Di Digital presents concrete policy proposals aimed at improving the digital skills of the workforce and strengthening digital innovation power. The report, entitled "Working for the future: This is how we raise digital competences," contains 14 proposals aimed at upgrading the digital skills of both current and future workers.

Focus on the education sector as a key arena

In particular, thereport highlights the education sector as crucial to ensuring that the workforce develops the necessary digital skills. The proposals range from primary school level, where new technology subjects and increased focus on digital education will build students’ digital understanding, to higher education to ensure a higher level of IT understanding and professionalism among non-specialists. Continuing education offers are also highlighted as key players in the upskilling of the current workforce.

Rikke Hougaard Zeberg, Branch Director at DI Digital, says: The vast majority of jobs in the future require good digital skills. To achieve the necessary green transition, it is crucial that our workforce is equipped to develop concrete digital solutions. We also need to ensure that the population has basic digital skills so that everyone can feel included in the digital society. This is why DI Digital proposes policy measures at different levels, from primary and secondary schools to higher education, continuing education and training and recruitment of international IT workforce.”

You can read more about the report and download the entire publication here.

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