10. 11. 2022.


The Rise Research Institutes of Sweden are Sweden’s research institute and innovation partner.

RISE, an independent state-owned research institute, serves as an innovation partner for the entire society. RISE assists in the development of technologies, products, services, and processes that contribute to a sustainable world and a competitive business sector, in collaboration with and on behalf of the business sector, academia, and the public sector. RISE also has a special focus on supporting small and medium-sized companies in their innovation processes.

The company consists of over 3,000 employees, including researchers, technicians, testers, and other experts, working both in Sweden and in foreign subsidiaries. RISE helps its customers and partners to handle challenges, take a comprehensive approach to complex issues, and strengthen their competitiveness by offering cutting-edge expertise and advanced testing and demonstration environments, as well as laboratory instruments.

RISE is one of 43 companies that are wholly or partially owned by the Swedish state. The company also has a special community mission, which means that the parliament has decided that the company, in whole or in part, should generate effects other than direct profits to the state treasury. Within RISE, the profits go to developing the business to be able to offer the best possible support to the business sector and society.