03. 10. 2023.

The Technology Pact strengthens the diversity of the IT-Landsteam with a new grant

In a new step towards tackling the growing lack of IT skills in Denmark, the Technology Pact has granted funds to strengthen the IT national team. This effort, led by Technology Denmark, aims to increase the diversity of IT and inspire more women to pursue careers in technology.

With a potential shortage of up to 80.000 employees with deep IT skills in 10 years, the need for IT talents is crucial for Denmark’s future growth. To meet this challenge, the Technology Pact and Technology Denmark focus on increasing the number of women on IT/Tech programmes and reducing the existing digital skills gap.

A recent grant of DKK 450,000 over two years from the Technology Pact supports the IT-Landsteam’s activities with special attention to diversity and inclusion of more women in the IT and tech world.

Mette Beck-Nielsen, Director of Technology Denmark, emphasises the importance of involving more women in technology and points out that increased diversity not only benefits the development of companies, but also strengthens democracy by ensuring equal opportunities.

The CEO of the Pact of Technology, Christian Vintergaard, points to the need to influence girls at an early age in order to promote their interest in STEM education. Only 34 % of STEM students are women, and this figure is even lower for IT programmes.

The new campaign, the IT-Landsteam, will involve young female role models in a national campaign that promotes STEM inspiration among educational women. This includes participation in hackathons, presentations in schools and colleges, as well as a digital campaign and social media visibility.

With the support of a mentor group of female IT professionals from companies, the campaign will try to attract 15 girls from higher STEM education to the team.

Focus on diversity and inclusion in the IT-Landsteam is essential to meet the demands of the future for digital competences in Denmark.

Read more about Technology Denmark and the Technology Pact here.

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