03. 10. 2023.

The digital challenge: One in five lacks digital skills

New data from Statistics Denmark reveals that 18 per cent of the population aged 15 to 89, corresponding to almost 900.000 people, experience digital challenges. This shows the results of the publication ‘It-Use in the Population.’ Digital challenge is defined as a lack of digital skills to engage on the internet or install apps.

The survey reveals that 10 per cent of the population themselves estimate that they do not have sufficient digital skills for internet use, and 13 % do not know how to install an app. Age plays a crucial role as the proportion of digitally challenged increases with age, especially among older groups.

Older generations, especially those over the age of 75, find it difficult to navigate the internet and install apps. According to Agnes Tassy, Chief Consultant in Statistics Denmark, this is due to the fact that younger age groups have had access to digital devices from an early age.

Three-quarters of the digitally challenged group does not know how to install an app, and 70 percent feel not or only less equipped to use the Internet. This group lacks the skills needed to be online and install apps on tablets or smartphones.

The publication ‘It-use in the population’ also highlights other interesting points, including that 42 per cent of 16-74-year-olds use ‘smart home’ products, 98 per cent use cashless payments, and that 85 per cent of 16-74-year-olds use social media, up from 55 per cent in 2011.

You can read more and access the publication here.

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