16. 11. 2023.

The annual conference of the Digital Coalition – Slovak Digital Coalition Summit is approaching

Already 30. 11. 2023 the Digital Coalition annual conference, the Slovak Digital Coalition Summit, will bring together top digitalisation experts and high-level state officials to find ways to shape Slovakia’s digital future in the right direction.

The Slovak Digital Coalition Summit will present interesting projects not only from the Digital Coalition, but also from its selected members who contribute to more digital Slovakia. This will include interesting panel discussions, the Digital Unit awards, but also informal networking. This is an opportunity to listen to the views of experts and to actively participate in shaping strategies and solutions that will lead Slovakia to better prepare for the digital time. Guests will have the opportunity to follow how public and private sector leaders share their experiences, challenges and visions for Slovakia’s digital transformation.

The Summit will not only include theoretical presentations. On the contrary, the Digital Coalition will present concrete projects that lead the country towards digitalisation and sustainability. The aim of the National Coalition for Digital Skills and Professions of the Slovak Republic is to create a space for dialogue and cooperation between experts and government representatives who can jointly shape initiatives to take Slovakia forward.

The annual conference will be attended by representatives of more than 100 member organisations of the Digital Coalition, but also by collaborating partners, government representatives, digitalisation experts and other prominent guests.

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