14. 12. 2022.

Starting the Fondo per la Repubblica Digitale

What is the Digital Republic Fund?

The Digital Republic Fund (Fondo per la Repubblica Digitale) is an innovative partnership between the public and the social private: between the Minister for Technological Innovation and the Digital Transition and the Minister for Economic Affairs and Finance on the one hand and Acri, the Association of Foundations of Banking Origin on the other. The initiative was created as part of the digitalisation objectives set out in the National Recovery and Resilience Plan and the National Complementary Fund, with the aim of increasing citizens’ digital skills, supporting projects aimed at digital training and inclusion. This is why it supports digital reskilling and upskilling projects with a particular focus on NEETs, women, unemployed and inactive. 

“With the launch of the Digital Republic Fund, we are today a major initiative to train and retrain citizens’ digital skills”. In these words, Minister Colao defines “a project that will support result-oriented and occupational integration pathways and will complement the many skills initiatives that the Digital Transformation Department is developing thanks to the National Recovery and Resilience Plan. Today, Italy has a training gap that risks increasing territorial and gender inequalities and slowing down economic growth in Italy. Thanks to the Fund – continued Colao – we provide the tools and economic resources to bridge this gap, tackle unemployment and enable many citizens to benefit from the valuable opportunities offered by digital.” 

The Futura calls and deadlines 

Futura calls are launched with the aim of funding training projects aimed at increasing women’s digital skills (aged 18-50) to ensure better conditions for their integration into the labour market. The call provides EUR 5 million and public, private non-profit and third sector entities, either individually or in partnership, will be able to submit their applications until 16 December via the Re@dy portal

Onlife is the call launched with the aim of funding training projects to increase the digital skills of NEETs (15-34 years old) in order to ensure better opportunities for them to enter the labour market. The call provides EUR 8 million to finance projects submitted by public, non-profit and third sector entities, either individually or in partnership form, consisting of up to three entities. As with the Futura call, profit-making bodies can be involved as supporting partners (without a budget share) or as providers of digital know-how and skills. For the ‘Onlife’ call, projects may be submitted until 16 December via the Re@dy portal

How does the Fondo operate?

The Fondo operates as part of the National Digital Skills Strategy, the development, implementation and evolution of which are carried out in the context of the Digital Republic and has recently seen the publication of the new Operational Plan

On an experimental basis, the Fund makes available a total of EUR 350 million until 2026, this figure will be financed by payments made by the Banks’ Foundations of Origin, which will receive a contribution in the form of a tax credit. The Fund puts a strong emphasis on the impact assessment of funded projects and aims to identify the most effective and efficient training initiatives for the enhancement of digital skills and the effective employment of beneficiaries. Visit the Fondo per le Repubblica Digitale website to find out more.

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