22. 11. 2023.

On the occasion of International Student Day, outstanding student and pedagogical figures at the UK

Bratislava, 20 November 2023: Almost sixty students and educators took over from the hands of the UK rector, traditionally awarded on the occasion of the International Student Day. Also in this way, the University of Comenius in Bratislava commends their outstanding efforts in studying and working.

Academic commended by the UK Rector to students who have achieved excellent learning outcomes, also for exemplary student and civic engagement and for representing the university. Twenty-nine students were awarded this year.

Among the awards is Bruno Almásy, a general medical student, who saved human life by providing immediate and correct first aid. Another awarded medical student Adam Rajčáni has shown extraordinary sacrifice as a member of the testing team during the COVID-19 pandemic.

A PhD in Literary Science, Maxim Dulebo, was also awarded for excellent study efforts. During the study, he has already published twenty scientific papers, almost half of which are in SCOPUS and Web of Science databases. He is also engaged as a student representative in the ENLIGHT European University Alliance. Another awarded Lucia Keszeghova is dedicated to sub-nuclear physics and contributed significantly to the analysis of the ATLAS experiment. She presented the results at the Michigana conference with an extraordinary response.

Several female students and students have been recognised for sport performance and representation of the university. These include this year’s champion of the world in footgolf and student in physical education, Lucia ČERMÁKOVÁ, bi-maker Kristina Madarás – the champion of Europe and owner of the silver and bronze medals from the World Cup.

Twenty-seven pedagogists and educators were given gratitude letters by the UK Rector, who earned a significant share of students’ many scientific, artistic and professional achievements. These include nephrologist Lyudmila Podracká, neurochirurg Juraj Šteňo, pharmacologist Anna Paul Hrabovská, physicist Stanislav Tokár, psychologist Andrea Madaras Geck and others.

“Today’s assembly commemorates the reference of Novembra 1989 as a symbol or code that has directed historyin a certain direction, while atthesame time commending those who, through their work, contribute to incorporating this code into the genetic equipment of our society. With your work, attitudes and example, you are a much-needed absence of hope for a decent freedom. I express my sincere gratitude to you for trying to improve the world around you,” he said in his speech to the UK’s awarded Rector Marek Števček.

Full list of awarded students and educators

Award ceremony for students and educators in Aule UK
Foto: Tomáš Madeja

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