21. 03. 2024.

European AI Office: Shaping Trustworthy AI in Europe

The AI Office will serve as the principal nexus for expertise in AI throughout the European Union.

The European AI Office will serve as the principal nexus for expertise in artificial intelligence (AI) throughout the European Union. It will play a key role in implementing the AI Act – especially for general-purpose AI – foster the development and use of trustworthy Artificial Intelligence, and international cooperation. The office enforces regulations, supports national bodies, and fosters innovation while collaborating with experts across sectors for informed decision-making. Find out about the tasks of the AI Office below:

Supporting the AI Act and enforcing general-purpose AI rules

The AI Office supports the implementation of the AI Act by:

  • Ensuring coherent application across Member States, including setting up advisory bodies at the EU level and facilitating information exchange.
  • Developing evaluation tools and methodologies for general-purpose AI models, including classification of models with systemic risks.
  • Collaborating with leading AI developers, the scientific community, and other experts to draft state-of-the-art codes of practice detailing rules.
  • Investigating possible rule infringements, conducting evaluations of model capabilities, and requesting corrective action from providers.
  • Providing guidance, guidelines, and other tools to support effective implementation and compliance monitoring of the AI Act.

Strengthening the development and use of trustworthy AI: 

The Commission aims to promote trustworthy AI within the internal market. The AI Office, in partnership with public and private entities including startups the AI office works to:

  • Drive actions and policies to maximize the societal and economic advantages of AI throughout the EU.
  • Offer guidance on best practices and facilitate access to AI sandboxes and testing opportunities, along with other supportive European frameworks.
  • Foster innovative ecosystems focused on trustworthy AI, thereby bolstering the EU’s competitiveness and economic development.
  • Support the Commission in harnessing transformative AI tools and enhancing AI literacy across various sectors.

Fostering international cooperation 

At the international level, the AI Office strengthens the EU’s approach by:

  • Advocating for trustworthy AI globally and collaborating with similar institutions.
  • Facilitating international cooperation and governance to establish a unified global approach to AI.
  • Assisting in the development and implementation of international AI agreements, while supporting Member States.

To ensure efficacy, the AI Office constantly monitors the AI ecosystem, technological advancements, market trends, and potential risks.

Cooperation with institutions, experts and stakeholders

The AI Office collaborates with diverse institutions, experts, and stakeholders, including the European Artificial Intelligence Board and the European Centre for Algorithmic Transparency. It engages with the scientific community and gathers technical expertise through forums. Additionally, it oversees the AI Pact for business engagement and contributes to the European AI Alliance for policy dialogue. These efforts align with the Coordinated Plan on AI to promote trustworthy AI development within the EU.

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