16. 02. 2024.

Digital Europe Programme: Apply now for the Advanced Digital Skills Call for proposals!

On 29 February, the European Commission launched a new call for proposals under the DIGITAL Europe programme. Apply now, you have time until May 29!

On 29 February the European Commission will open the application for a new call for proposals under the DIGITAL Europe Programme on Advanced Digital Skills. A total budget of €4 million will be allocated to design and support the following calls:

  • Digital Skills and Jobs Platform: This initiative aims to bridge the digital skills gap in Europe by establishing and supporting National Coalitions and websites across Member States. Closely linked with the Digital Skills and Jobs Platform, the websites will facilitate the exchange of digital skills and job-related information, helping individuals access training opportunities and assist businesses in identifying skills needs and enabling cross-sector learning between National Coalitions. Fitting right in with the Digital Decade Policy Programme’s targets by 2030, the call supports the digitization of key economic sectors, contributing to Europe’s broader digital transformation.

  • Girls and Women in Digital: Women are significantly under-represented in ICT professions, one of the fastest-growing sectors of employment. With Europe falling short of the Digital Decade policy program of having 80% of Europeans possess basic digital skills, action is needed. The objective of this action is to enhance girls’ and women’s involvement in ICT, contributing to also another target of the Digital Decade Policy Programme of having 20 million ICT specialists in the Union by 2030. By recognizing the role of girls and women in Europe’s digital future, this action emphasizes the importance of enhancing female involvement in the ICT sector.

The calls for Digital Skills and Jobs Platform and Girls and Women in Digital will be published on the official Funding and Tenders Portal and the submission of applications will close on 29 May 2024 at 17:00 Brussels time.

Looking for consortia partners? Discover the Partner for DIGITAL Skills Networking Group and join the Online Discussions for the two new calls:

  1. Advanced Digital Skills: Digital Skills and Jobs Platform

  2. Advanced Digital Skills: Girls and Women in Digital

DIGITAL Europe call Info Day on 12 March 2024 

The Digital Skills and Jobs Platform hosted the Info Day online event on 12 March 2024 at 10:00 AM (CET). Participants learned about the calls’ topics, application processes, and evaluation methods, and had the chance to ask questions directly to the European Commission.

Information concerning Ethics requirements has been corrected in the slides. Always refer to the Call document for topic-specific requirements.


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